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Student Workshops

These workshops have been uniquely developed to combine exam skill advice with positive psychology strategies for Psychology Students. At PsychExcel, we believe that this fusion of academic and wellbeing education is the most effective way to help the student realise their potential.

We can tailor sessions, mix and match to suit your requirements. 

Strategies For Revision

This workshop focuses on how to revise. Using psychological theory of memory and tried and tested methods, students will be informed of the best ways to ensure they can learn content and prepare for the exam.

Essay Writing Skills

This workshop focuses solely on essay writing; how to effectively answer essay questions in all the three Edexcel papers; how to interpret different command words and how to structure essays.  

Finding Your Strengths

This workshop introduces students to the research of character strengths, and why they are integral to good wellbeing. Students will discover their own unique character strengths, and how to apply them to make the most of their educational and personal life.

Academic Resilience Skills

This session teaches the students what resilience is and how it can be developed. It provides students with key resilience skills which can help them achieve academic success in Psychology.

The Inner Coach

This workshop provides students with strategies to help them tune into their inner coach, and apply them to increase their wellbeing. It covers why negative perfectionism can be bad for mental wellbeing and why gratitude and kindness can be the perfect antidote to a stressful life.

Stress Management

This session teaches the students the difference between stress, anxiety and overwhelm. The session provides students with tips and strategies for understanding their own stress responses and how to keep calm under pressure.

Simplifying Statistics

This session will give students confidence in answering questions on statistics. This includes decisions on which stat test to use, how to do the test itself and interpretation of results.

Making Sense Of The Mark Scheme

During this workshop, we will give students an insight into how Edexcel examiners mark their work. Using the mark scheme to show how marks are awarded for short answer questions and application questions and how they can access the top levels for essays.

All The Feels

This workshop focuses on developing emotional literacy and agility. Drawing upon the work of key positive psychologists, it helps equip the students with skills to tune into their positive emotions, and strategies to help deal with the negative ones.

Mastering The Exam Technique

This session discusses the exam skills needed for A level Edexcel Psychology. It discusses how to approach different question types, interpret various command words and how to use the time effectively when in the exam.

Planning and Goal setting

This session helps students understand the barriers they might have to learning and what might be holding them back from achieving their best. It will give the students strategies which help them to plan out and reach their goals, keeping them motivated and prepared for the end of year exams.

What the students say

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Meg, 17

These skills have helped me not only write good essays, but helped me to get organise and feel so much more confident "

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