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At PsychExcel, we use positive psychology coaching. This means we focus on finding the best in people, and unlocks your potential.


Coaching helps people to reach their goals, plan for the future and understand themselves. It encourages confidence and resilience. 

Sessions can be run in small groups, or 1-1. You can find out more about our approach below


Positive Psychology focuses on what is right, what is going well and what is working. 

In our coaching sessions we focus on the solution rather than the problem.


Research Informed

Our approach is grounded in the science of wellbeing, using research and theory from Positive Psychology to guide us in suggested interventions and practises.

Challenges and Changes

The positive focus that we use does not cancel out the negative, but it gives us a good starting point to tackle any difficulties, changes or challenges that you may have.

Warmth, Understanding and Acceptance

We are teachers and we are parents of teenagers. We are good listeners, and understand that sometimes life can be difficult. Coaching is a supportive conversation between people.

Strengths Focus

Our coaching sessions will help you to discover and explore what you character strengths are, and how to use them in the right way to help you reach your goals.


Our coaching sessions are not just for students. We offer coaching services to teachers who wish to bring positive psychology to their classroom too 


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