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Meet the Team

Anne Beckham
Hannah Dunn

Anne Beckham

BSc Human Psychology


MEd Behaviour Management

I have taught Psychology A level for over 16 years, and have had experience of teaching GCSE Psychology and Psychology-based modules in Health and Social Care. What I love about teaching is being in the classroom and supporting students to reach their potential.


I have enjoyed the opportunity to have taken on several roles within my career, such as head of department, teaching and learning coach, CPD trainer and facilitator. 

I have examined for Pearson Edexcel for ten years and contributed to writing specification content for Psychology. I also do private tutoring for Psychology A level for both Edexcel and AQA specifications.  


My MEd specialised in student behaviour management which furthered my insight into how to balance support, teaching and building resilience in students.  


I am an advocate for cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness and have recently been developing my qualifications and knowledge within these areas; something I hope to develop even further. This knowledge has given me an insight into working with students in a supportive role alongside teaching them.   


What is most important to Hannah and myself is that we run a successful department where students are happy, develop their understanding of psychology and flourish and we feel we have lots we can share with other teachers who value their students’ learning experience.  


Away from teaching, I enjoy a long walk, a bit of yoga, trying out new recipes and lots of family time. I consider myself a supportive friend and a good listener.  

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Hannah Dunn

BSc Human Psychology


MSc Applied Positive Psychology


I have been a Psychology Teacher for 20 years and had the privilege of working in a variety of different roles. These include leadership teaching and learning coaching and school wellbeing coordinator.


Having discovered a love for Positive Psychology 5 years ago I have made it my mission to weave wellbeing education into my personal and professional life and have never looked back. I strongly believe that bringing together positive psychology and education is vital to student experience and can lead to beneficial outcomes for both pupils and staff.


I have recently trained as a positive psychology practitioner which has enabled me to pass on this passion and knowledge to others delivering workshops to teachers pupils and parents.​ Teaching is my first love and I continue to run a successful psychology department with Anne.


I pride myself on putting the students wellbeing at the fore front of my teaching and want to demonstrate to others that combining innovative and impactful teaching methods with positive education strategies can lead to benefits for the students and the teacher.


I have worked as an Edexcel examiner for many years having had experience of marking across the three A-Level Papers and experience of the standardisation process. I am a facilitator and speaker for staff CPD and training school wellbeing lead and positive psychology coach.​In my spare time I enjoy the occasional (short) run a spot of mindfulness and reading journals.


I am based on the Yorkshire Coast and feel extremely grateful for the sea beach and open spaces which my young children also love. I would say my character strengths are kindness and creativity and a passion for what I believe in.

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